Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Next EV Problem Is Even Bigger

It's now as plain as the sun in the sky:  electric vehicles (EV's) are a serious drag on the market.  No one is buying them.  Ford found out, Tesla found out, Volvo found out........and the list goes on.

The Virtue-Signal Suburban Twits who bought some of those things are going to have a very nasty surprise coming up, too.  Let's take Rivian, for example.  They're almost at the point of bankruptcy and collapse.  It's likely they will be history before 12/31/24.

OK. So?

So.......if you own a Rivian, and you have an occurrence 3 years from now that requires Rivian parts, where are you going to get those?



Anonymous said...

Obama will give them a new car, just like Obama phones!!!

Anonymous said...

Where are you going to get those Rivian replacement parts? Don’t think like this will be a problem in the future. A government 5 year plan will have established a process.

First you check in with your neighborhood political liaison who verifies your identity against local records and processes a new part request, for a fee. Your request is then submitted to the appropriate regional office where your Social Credit Score and Central Bank Digital Currency balance are reviewed to determine if you qualify for a new part. If conformity is confirmed the request is approved, for a fee.

Your request goes next to the Foreign Affairs office where a final assessment is made to determine if you have sufficient Social Credit to actually own a vehicle. If this approval is granted, your request is forwarded to an outsourced manufacturing facility, for a fee.

At the overseas production plant, your Social Credit Score and Central Bank Digital Currency balance is verified once again and a determination is made on whether you qualify for a replacement part made of strategic metal resources. If it is determined you are requesting the replacement part as an individual and not as part of an approved group, your request for an exact specification engineered metal object will be denied and forwarded to the recycled plastic division, for a fee.

The recycled plastics political intake bureaucrat will again verify your Social Credit Score and Central Bank Digital Currency balance, and if still acceptable, will forward the request to melt and mold operations. AI enabled 3D printing then utilizes locally resourced homeless plastics, usually from local waterways, and your part is now a real physical object. Your order will now be shipped, for a fee.

If upon receipt of the brand new part you find out if fails to restore your vehicles operation, because metal free electronics can be hit or miss, you are free to appeal through your neighborhood political liaison, for a fee.

So there is no need to be gloomy. There will be a process, and no taxes are required since everything is done by living wage paid workers. Just remember not to use the word dysfunctional, since that word can affect Social Credit Scores. And always remember Government loves you like family. Like a powerful big brother.

Anonymous said...

...and remember, that crack below the small of your back, was put there by Govt, Not by GOD, and its purpose of course, is to swipe the Govt Credit card used to read your biometrics, so that Govt can collect the fees.....

Anonymous said...

Ford loses $1.3 BILLION on EVs in the first quarter

(Remember when they spun off the EV unit as a separate company because they knew they couldn’t take these losses on the main books? Let me do the math for you: They lost $130,000 on every unit sold. -nvp)

CNN – Ford’s electric vehicle unit reported that losses soared in the first quarter to $1.3 billion. The EV unit sold 10,000 vehicles in the first three months of the year. That number was down 20% from the amount of electric vehicles it sold a year earlier.

Ford, like many other automakers, has announced plans to shift from traditional gas-powered vehicles to electric vehicles in the coming years.

Ford is the only traditional automaker to break out results of its EV sales.

Ford’s CEO said the company is making changes in its electric vehicle business that will allow it to be profitable in the near future.

Meanwhile, Tesla reported that its adjusted earnings fell 48% in the first quarter as revenue dropped 9%.