Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Tony Evers-Abp. Listecki Plan of Catholicism (?)

Hard to tell the difference between Evers' silly-willy plan for Wisconsin and that put forward by the Archbishop of Milwaukee for the Church today.  Evers is not Catholic, which may be merely co-incidence.  The plan is PDF, so we're limited to posting the lowlights.  (There are a lot of those.)

There will be three phases.  We are in Phase One until Abp. Jerry says otherwise, whenever that might be, assuming there are any remaining Catholics in the Archdiocese.

First off, no "public" Mass until Pentecost.  How many people may attend the Masses?  Not more than 25% of the occupancy permit for the church.  Facemasks are "strongly" encouraged.  No communion on the tongue, no hugs/kisses of peace (gratias a Deo!!)

No daily Mass.  No first Communion until at LEAST June 15, only at Sunday Mass, KEEP THE 25% LIMIT ABOVE.  (Screw Granny and Grandpa!  Whaddya think this is?  Some sort of family Catholicism?  Nope, dope.)  No Confirmation.  Confessions?  NOT in a confessional!!  Anointing of the Sick?  NOPEViaticum only unless "actively dying."  (What the........does THAT mean?)

Baptisms?  Only 10 may show up.  Too damn bad if you have 8 children, 2 sponsors, and both parents plus the baby, eh?  And one more time:  Screw Granny and Grandpa!!

No priests are to be visiting parishioners.  Funerals?  Only 10 may attend, and NO WAKESNo communal prayers (rosary); no holy water in the fonts, no paper bulletins, and NO VISITORS IN THE PARISH OFFICE.

Want to use the parish or school buildings??  NOPE.

No school athletics, grade- or high-school.  Graduation Mass?  NOPE.  In general, "youth ministry" is over with until whenever Phase Three(Who needs young, educated, Catholics, anyway?)

General parish gatherings and functions?  NOPE. 

Finally, this quote from the Abp's letter:

Following the matrix is a prudent approach and a reasonable and responsible way to resume Catholic life in our archdiocese, without taking unnecessary risks.  The safety and well-being of our people is a top priority.
"A" top priority, eh?  Is it more or less "top" than the salvation of souls?

You be the judge.


P. O'Brien said...

There isn't a bishop in the USA whom I have any respect for. Couldn't one of them have defied the government and risked arrest?

Simple living said...

It's like the priesthood is just a job now. My soul isn't as valuable as employment rules for priest safety. Is OSHA running the archdiocese?

cyprian said...

the church was getting influenced long before this with modernist thinking.
we are witnessing the fruits of the movement. Priest who are formed all wrong in the seminaries. And yes, we actually have communist bishops in usccb. The Nevada bishop wants to form a council to figure out when to open Mass to the public lol. he wants a gaming expert and education expert....?! Heaven help the Church and may God have mercy...

Ademar said...

If these bishops are following apostate anti-pope Bergoglio, then they are in schism with Pope Benedict XVI and thus lacking the graces of courage, clear-thinking, etc. Branches cut off from the vine.


Anonymous said...

This Bishop doesn't sound very Catholic to me. These demands are not "cautious" as claimed, but a blatant effort to keep Catholics from practicing their faith. A Pandemic??? if the nursing home deaths (most unfortunate as they are) were omitted from the death statistics, the death count in this country would be reduced to half. The chances of dying from this virus are literally millions-to-one, no more than a regular flu. This virus is not at all what we were told. Clearly, this Bishop's actions are overkill. There will be a point in the near future when priests won't be able to follow the instructions of rogue Bishops who no longer act as Catholic, and it may be very soon.

Anonymous said...

Catholic bishops, everyone of them. And following the Word of God and the rule of law.