Saturday, May 23, 2020

More Observations

Last week most of the State "re-opened" except for the City of Milwaukee, Madistan, and Dane County.  The City of Racine is continuing its repression of citizens (subjects?) as well.

As an 'essential' employee during the entire Imprisonment, we were first-hand observers of traffic around the Upper Midwest.  Early on, it was very sparse, indeed--for the first time in my long memory, driving the Illinois Tollway was actually a pleasure!

But in the last week or so, a combination of "un-Imprisonment" and rebellious citizens have changed the picture.  Yesterday afternoon, westbound I-94 coming out of Milwaukee County was as almost as thick as ever before, lacking only the stop-and-go usually found between Hy. 18 and Hy. 164.


PowerLine observes something germane:

...more and more Americans are saying “nuts!” to the shutdown, and the politicians are starting to “adjust” their reopening schedules, supposedly linked to “new information,” but the relevant new information is that civil disobedience is spreading....
Yup.  I was in the Twin Cities early this week, and beltline traffic (I-494) was fairly thick although the MSP airport was--like Milwaukee's--near-empty.


William said...

I've noticed the increase just driving from home in West Allis to work in Sussex. Not to mention more vehicles on the roads around the plant that makes my job a bit more difficult.

Dad29 said...

Well, yah, but you drive the Big Dog, so just push 'em out of the way.