Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GE, ALEC, and Sprint

This story is interesting for two reasons.

General Electric [...] and Sprint Nextel [..] joined the exodus of companies from the American Legislative Exchange Council following the group’s support of voter-identification and self-defense laws. 

Spokesmen for both companies said yesterday they are ending their membership with the Washington-based public policy organization, which charged corporations as much as $25,000 and allowed them to help write bills that some lawmakers then tried to enact in their home states.

Reason #1 that it's interesting?  Well, didja ever try walking into the annual shareholders' meeting at GE and voting shares without actually HAVING those shares (or the proxies?)   Try it sometime.  See how that works for you.  GE believes in voter ID for GE, but not for thee....

Reason #2?

"......allowed them to help write bills that [might be] enacted...."

In other words, GE and Sprint/Nextel would "help" legislators keep competitors out of the way.

So is this good news or bad news?


Anonymous said...

Ganster Corporation.

Shame the death Penalty does not exist for corporations like they do for people.

Jim said...

Corporations are people, my friend.

Saint Revolution said...

"...So is this good news or bad news?..."

It is typical news in "a day in the life" of the corporatocracy.

Vote with your dollars. Do not patronize such the likes one believes are wrongful entities

GE makes crap anyways. They have always survived solely on name brand recognition and government cronyism.

I mean, have you ever owned a GE light bulb or a GE clock radio or, in the day, a GE transistor radio or any other GE consumer product?

Absolute mediocre crap.

Ann: proofread and edit your terrible "prose".

Jim: corporations are going concern legal entities, not people. No wonder you were fired as a banker. What did you do for 37 years...penny rolls?

Jim said...

San Torem: Apparently irony is dead in your mind. Perhaps you would have "gotten it" had I put quotes around what I wrote, but I made the assumption (incorrect in your case) that readers here were politically astute.

Saint Revolution said...

Oh, people get it, Jimmy.

Problem is your wit...banal as your wingtips...and as bad as your and Annie's compositional skills.