Sunday, August 26, 2012

Reduce Wisconsin Spending? Here's One Target.

Governor Walker and the Legislature should be looking--hard--at reducing State spending.

One good place to look?  The UW system.  Recall that this system was assembled with "bi-partisan" support in Madistan.  There's a reason for that, as you'll see below.  But first:  what to cut?  Of the thirteen UW four-year colleges, one stands out.

Specifically, UW-Superior.

This bite-size "University" has 2800 students, making it slightly larger than St Norbert's (around 2200) or Mount Mary (1700).  But the State spends a lot of money there:  $77 million in capital projects in the last 10 years.  That's above and beyond the faculty and staff expenses.

Another 6700 students are at UW-River Falls; another 9300 are at Stout in Menomonie--and UW-Eau Claire is also nearby.  The NW corner of Wisconsin is over-served with UW locations--or under-served with students--take your choice.

It's not difficult to understand why politicians love UW campuses:  they spend a lot of money on construction and faculty.  Still don't get it?  Follow the money:  colleges present a great balance between (R) and (D) fundraising, brought to you by "bi-partisan" cooperation in fleecing the taxpayer.

We're not holding our breath on this one, by the way.  The usual ululation about "high-tech" and "educated workforce" from full-throated harpies will commence (at the very same time that Mr. Sullivan's 'workforce commission' will be yammering about finding more welders from Mexico, or someplace.)

The UW System will spend $30,319.00/student this year.  Less than half of that will come from student-paid tuition; the rest is largely from State and Federal taxpayers.  At that rate, UW Superior will cost taxpayers around $30 million, just this year.

Bipartisan!!!  Does that make you feeeeeeeeeeeeeel better?


Tim Morrissey said...

***St. Norbert College*** 'sted "St. Norbert's". It's named after him; he doesn't own it.

Oh, and BTW, go ahead on and flush UW-Superior; or bring spending in line with actual needs.

Dad29 said...


I practice "economy in writing" for my green contribution to society! So now and then I abbreviate stuff.

See the "education" post above for more on the topic, and a reconciliation of what IS education with what passes for "college" these days.