Monday, August 20, 2012

One More Time: McCarthy Was Right

Contra such 'luminaries' as Krauthammer, Will, Lowry, and Fred Thompson, McCarthy DID have a list, and he was right.

...McCarthy had the list in his possession when he set forth some 70-plus security cases on the floor of the Senate in February 1950. Subsequently he provided their names in writing to the Senate committee that looked into the matter, plus a supplementary list of 2-dozen other suspects for a total of more than 100 names presented to the Senate.

Granted, these lists would mysteriously vanish from the committee archives (along with a lot of other relevant data on the suspects), but that wasn’t the doing of McCarthy. However, I happen to have copies of the lists in my possession, as fortunately they survived in other places. George Will and the others could have them also if they cared to, since the lists are photographically reproduced in their entirety in a book I brought out a few years ago examining McCarthy’s cases.

As to the disappearance of the records, try this hint:  the Democrats controlled the Senate at that time.

To the point:

...The Wheeling argument mainly concerned the number of cases he claimed to have, his opponents saying he claimed 205, McCarthy responding that he in fact claimed 57 (as noted, a number that would grow substantially by the time he addressed the Senate roughly ten days later). Without getting too far into the weeds on this, the Democratic Senate sent staffers up to Wheeling to dig out the facts about the issue, as part of an investigation aimed at throwing McCarthy out of Congress. When the staffers came back, they filed a 40-page report that in essence said McCarthy was right about the numbers and his critics were mistaken

Oh, by the way:

....the[ staff's] report would be buried and also vanish from the public record, while a perjury charge against McCarthy for lying about the numbers would be quietly dropped from the discussion

Just co-incidence, of course.

Will, K-hammer, et al could read the book, or read the Venona papers; but it's so much easier to parrot lies, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

"...but it's so much easier to parrot lies, I suppose."

Indeed, you do it so well!

"Fifty years have passed since the senator died of liver failure, at age 48. The fiercely negative judgments of those who lived through the McCarthy era are widely accepted today for good reason: they ring true. These judgments tell a cautionary tale, showing how a nation’s legitimate concern for security in uncertain times can be turned into something partisan, repressive and cruel. McCarthy will continue to resonate on the fringes of the body politic because the conspiracy he championed — the disloyalty of powerful elites — goes back to the founding of our country and beyond. Redeem him? I can best respond by quoting the man himself, on another issue, near the end of his career. “This,” muttered the flummoxed McCarthy as the Senate moved to condemn his behavior, “is the most unheard-of thing I ever heard of.”

"Now joining the fray is longtime journalist and prominent conservative M. Stanton Evans. Rather than a biography, Evans has written a defense counsel’s brief for his client, whom he seeks to defend against all the slanders made about McCarthy by his political enemies. Like any lawyer’s argument, Evans’s brief has strengths and weaknesses. He has done extensive research, and has managed to prove that many of McCarthy’s main opponents themselves had a highly partisan agenda, bending truth in order to score points. Most important, many of his critics were so upset with McCarthy that they totally ignored or minimized the serious issue of Communist penetration of the highest levels of the government. Evans’s brief, however, is weakened by a lack of balance, and his desire to write an unabashed tribute that seeks to exonerate McCarthy on virtually every count."

History has never been Dad29's strong suit.

Anonymous said...

Well, from this vantage point, I see no direct refutation of Evans' book in either NYT cite.

So it appears that Dad is correct, as usual.

Anonymous said...

Um, Mr. Sheep, read for meaning. Both authors agree that there are legitimate points made by Evans, but ultimately they agree that McCarthy's methods were ultimately anti-American and in some cases unconstitutional.

Jim said...

What is the goal here? Prove Tailgunner Joe was a great guy?

Anonymous said...

McCarthy was a slobbering drunk. Nice of you to (try to) defend him as part of your Take America Back (to the Fifties) fantasy.

Dad29 said...

McCarthy's methods were ultimately anti-American and in some cases unconstitutional

OMG! Un-Constitutional, like Obozo's M.O.?

The question is not whether the prigs agree with his eau de cologne. It is whether he was RIGHT--and he was.

Anonymous said...

"OMG! Un-Constitutional, like Obozo's M.O.?"

If it makes you feel better, ok. That would mean Slobberin' Joe also pissed on our sacred document.

"It is whether he was RIGHT--and he was."

Right in hunting down communists? Sure. Right in his methods? Absolutely freaking not.

Dad29 said...

Not only in 'hunting'--but in NAMING the bastards.

And he had the names...

Anonymous said...

Sure, a few of the people on McCarthy's "list" were actually spies for the Soviet Union. Everyone gets lucky once in a while. However, many of the listed suspects were merely left-leaning public figures. The FBI, without warrants, would "obtain" information on anyone he simply named. Can we say "fishing expedition"?

During the hearings, McCarthy often asked extremely detailed questions involving what the person did 10 years ago. When the accused invoked the Fifth Amendment to protect themselves, McCarthy said this act is "the most positive proof obtainable that the witness is Communist."

Proof? So much for you being concerned about people abusing the Constitution.

Saint Revolution said...

McCarthy, like Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul, was COMPLETELY right...and, like Buchanan and Paul, completely villified.

William Wallace lost his life for a bunch of apathetic passivists...much like the US constituency presently.

Any people that would...:
elect the Clinton(s), Bush(es), and Obamas of the world,
nominate the McCains and Rombamas of the world,
tolerate the complete corrupt Hillarys and Pelosis of the world,
accept abortion as law,
look the other way at an disassociated "Supreme" Court,
put up with being sexually assaulted at airports,
passively pay taxes while reams of news sails through the blogosphere on how every one of the taxpayers are being financially raped by the entitled statists,
continue to tolerate local, municipal, state, regional, and federal salaries, pensions, healthcare, and federal enploye contempt for US taxpayers,
stand by and simply watch local law enforcement being paramilitaristically and financially "ratcheted up" with tax dollars,
believe income tax, or ANY unapportioned tax, is legal and/or constitutional,
accept domestic drones overhead,
not even peruse, much less read, The Patriot Act, ObamaCare, NDAA, and scores of other legislation affecting birthright freedoms,
allow H1-B, PERM, Affirmative Craption, and other lunacy "laws" to cost millions of Americans their STEM and other jobs,
accept that 9/11 was about "war on terror",
believe in an electoral college,
believe in an "Supreme" Court,
believe cops are there to "protect and serve",
believe the US justice system, including judges, lawyers, et. al., is fair, unbiased, and operates for the people,
believe that Obama was US born, "legally" changed his name, and is not a treasonous traitor of The USA,
accept a KKK Nazi entity such the likes of the IRS,
blindly pay statists extortion "fear payments", otherwise known as taxes, to alleviate fear of reprisal, otherwise known as tyrannical oppression,
believe ANY politician or bureaucrat has your best interests in mind,
tolerate treatment by DMV, TSA, IRS, Wall Street, and all other forms of public/private corrupt ilk,
allow filth like Family Guy, Britney Spears, HollyWood, and public education to corrupt our beautiful children,
not ever read The Bible cover-to-cover even once during their lifetimes...

...aren't worth chopping the head off Big Brother for.

Famous quote:
"Get your heads out of your asses, sheople.".
--Saint Revolution

Anonymous said...

Um, who made YOU God, St. Revolution?

Grow up. People can make their own decisions, they don't need you to make to tell them what to do.

Red Bull said...

People that are saying McCarthy was wrong/ used unconstitutional tactics: PLEASE! No one was denied their due process rights, tortured, or anything like that. He was right and I would like to challenge a lib here to name ONE person he accused of communism that was not a soviet spy.