Thursday, January 27, 2022

Liiiiiindseeeeeeey Clutches His Pearls

Lindsey Graham is a useless twit who often appears on Hannity--which raises questions about Hannity.

Anyhow, Liiiiiiiiiindseeeeeeeeeeey tells us about the End of the World because Ukraine.

...“Well, number one, I support sending more troops to the Baltic regions, members of NATO,” Graham said. “As Putin tries to dismantle NATO, we need to make it stronger and have a greater presence in his backyard. But the one thing I want to leave with you tonight — the Ukraine is far more important than just the Ukraine. The Chinese are watching, and if Putin gets away with dismantling the Ukraine, the Iranians will break out and try to get a bomb because they see weakness everywhere. So if you care about world order, you better get the Ukraine right.”...

Question:  Liiiiiiiiiiiiiindseeeeeeeey, have the NATO "allies" met their obligations to the alliance in monetary and armed forces terms?

Question:  Liiiiiiiiiiiiindseeeeeeeeeeey, why should the United States send its boys and dollars to 'protect' Eastern Europe?

Question:  Liiiiiiiiiiiiiindseeeeeeeeeey, do you really think China 'watches' the Ukraine situation to know how weak and useless Bai-Den is?  IOW, do you think they're stupid?

Question:  Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiindseeeeeeeey, you've set up Russia, China, and Iran as enemies.  Why not set up Creatures from Outer Space, too?

Final Question:  Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiindseeeeeeeeeeey, since you believe that we should place US citizens in Eastern Europe as walking targets, when are YOU going over there to defend Ukraine?

I thought so.

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Anonymous said...

You hit the mark on everything you posted. I have the same thoughts about Hannity giving that pompous buffoon so much air time. Also, one would think that a sitting U.S. senator would know that the country in question isn’t “the Ukraine.” It’s “Ukraine.”