Sunday, September 12, 2021

NPR's Morning Propaganda

Yes, friends, once again I listened so that you don't have to.

The White House has given NPR a script for them to read about The Mandate, and NPR script-readers told us that 'many employers are happy' about The Mandate.  They found one woman, a "Chief People Person" (an absolutely disgusting title for an HR REMF) who thought it was just wonderful but was a bit concerned about her bonus if private entities had to pay for all those shots and tests and records and stuff.  And what if all the people quit?  What's a Chief People Person without PEOPLE!!!

Also, the White House informed the script-readers that it is only the Deplorable Southern Trump Voters who are un-vaxxed, citing numbers of some sort.  Apparently the Deplorable Southern Trump Voters live in lots of places, as CDC's own stats tell us that blacks are only 40% vaxxed.  Script-readers take it on faith that they are also Trump voters.  I don't.

(Insert Monty Python procession with shouts of "UNCLEAN!!  UNCLEAN!!" as Deplorables amble into their factories, farms, and shops.)

Hospitals in south-eastern Texas are renting reefer-trailers for the bodies of the dead.  A Houston-area MD tells us that Abbott is killing all the Texans.

Finally, we learn that Biden* has had a rough month, what with Afghanistan and all, and his utter failure to Stop the Spread by July 4th.  NPR script-readers were instructed under severest penalties not to mention the Southern Invasion which happens to be clogging up hospitals in south-eastern Texas because that is Last Month's News

(Perhaps the reefer-trailers are actually property of the coyotes?)

More fables next week!!

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