Friday, September 10, 2021

F**K Joe Biden

Should be interesting to hear the cheers at the college games this weekend, eh?

Here's a slightly more elegant version of that chant, from Ticker.

...Declaring war on a quarter of the nation's population is not only stupid it's not enforceable without all of them eating a nation-ending upheaval -- and they know it. What are you going to do? Try to kill 80 million people? Good luck. Try to forcibly inject them? When its a quarter of the population how do you do that and not get ambushed, never mind your families and homes while you're out on your jab patrol? Try to starve people out? Someone who has nothing to lose -- who you already declared dead when you did that -- suddenly has every single thing they might choose to do to you, and everyone you know and care about, never mind infrastructure and similar, become literally free. Whether the left likes it or not you can't kill someone twice. Again, those attempting to enforce this bull**** have to go to work and similar. You can't be two places at once and they're short about 50 million cops for security purposes -- some 25x or more the cops they have. Trying to put the mandate on employers is cute but that makes the problem 100x worse. Not one corporate executive in a thousand, and zero middle managers, HR persons and similar have any effective security while at the same time you just created 80 million potential corporate saboteurs who may decide to act on their way out the door!...

 Biden never was a very bright bulb, was he?

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