Thursday, September 16, 2021

Tracy Dent vs. Lena Taylor on Reckless Drive Killers

Well,this will be fun to watch.

...Organizer Tracey Dent said more needs to be done about reckless driving in the city, and he said it starts with enforcement.

"We want action now, people are dying out in these streets," said Dent....

 ..."People are moving out of our community, people no longer want to live in Milwaukee," said community member Tynnetta Jackson.

Which is why Dent is calling for more money to go towards programs to change the social aspects, but also, he said he wants to see harsher penalties for reckless drivers.

"We don't want to put more people of color in prison, we know that. But right is right and wrong is wrong, if you don't want to go to jail, don't do it," said Dent....

Along comes "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM??" Lena Taylor, pouring cold water all over that "prison" idea.

...Fourth District Senator Democrat Lena Taylor she said while she supports the idea of addressing the very real issue, she feels it needs to be addressed differently, through community efforts.

"But we aren't going to be able to lock people up and police our way through these issues, these are issues that have to be dealt with in our homes, these are issues that have to be dealt with in our schools, these are issues that have to be dealt with in our community," said Taylor....

Which is code-talk for sending money to Taylor's favorite social-action groups, mind you.  

Neither of them mentioned "intact families" in the interview.

Side-note:  Dent is male, Taylor is female.  Just sayin'.....  

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