Monday, July 20, 2020

"New Record Deaths"? Maybe Not.

Just the News is a valuable resource.  Unlike the sensationalists in the MSM, they look at the actualities.

...State health officials have for months been publishing two sets of mortality statistics: deaths that occurred on the publication date in question, and deaths that have only recently been catalogued from state backlogs. ...

...The daily new death report often generates misleading sensationalist reports throughout the media. On July 7, for instance, the state recorded 117 "new deaths" on its dashboard. Calling that number a "record," CNN reported that Arizona that day reported "117 deaths from Covid-19 over the last 24 hours." Business Insider reported that Arizona recorded "its highest number of newly reported coronavirus deaths" on that day. News Break said the state on that date "recorded its highest single-day death toll."

Yet actual state data as of Saturday indicated that only 53 people are so far recorded as dying in the 24-hour period in question, 54% less than the "record" day touted in numerous headlines. Indeed, going by date of death, the most fatalities the state has ever recorded over 24 hours is 57, on June 30. ...

IOW, some States will include deaths from 2-3 weeks back after the State determines that the death is WuFlu related.  Sam Smith's autopsy results get jammed into today's "death count" even though ol' Sam has been six feet under for 14 long days.

Same sort of thing happened in Florida.

So.  Are the daily "records" actually "records"?  Nope.  But if the objective is to scare the bejabbers out of "suburban housewives" ......well, then......any lie is just fine!

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