Sunday, May 31, 2015

CIA Director Beclowns Himself

John Brennan, the CIA Director, beclowns himself when he speaks in the stead of the NSA spooks.

...CIA Director John Brennan was among those warning that letting the authorities lapse, even for a time, will make America less safe.

Terrorists "are looking for the seams to operate within," Brennan said on CBS' "Face the Nation." "This is something that we can't afford to do right now." He bemoaned "too much political grandstanding and crusading for ideological causes that have skewed the debate on this issue" and said the terrorism-fighting tools are important to American lives....

Really?  The tools are really important?

...two lesser-known Patriot Act provisions also lapse at midnight: one, so far unused, helps track "lone wolf" terrorism suspects unconnected to a foreign power;...

That one, Mr. Brennan (& Co.), might have been really important in Boston a couple of years ago.  Or in that Army fort where a 'lone wolf' Army major shot up a bunch of soldiers. Or in Dallas, where a couple of bozo-Muzzies met their scraggly virgins a couple of weeks ago.

So, Mr. Brennan (& Co.), WTF have you been waiting for?

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