Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Walker Panders. Same for Barrett.

The RoadBuilders rear their concrete heads.

And the wannabees promise to spend money on them.

Barrett, Milwaukee's mayor, said he would take a different approach if elected and have the commission meet within eight weeks of his taking office and regularly thereafter. He said the commission needs to fully inventory and prioritize the state's transportation needs.

Barrett said he would reform the way road work is approved to prevent lawmakers from sticking local projects in the state budget. Barrett said he backed fixing existing roads over building new projects.

Walker, the Milwaukee County executive, said he supported putting tolls on newly built express lanes on highways, drawing applause from the transportation group. Barrett opposes all toll roads.

He also said he would shift some of the sales tax collected on vehicle sales to the transportation fund, beefing up that account. Currently, all sales tax money is used for general state operations.

What Barrett said is irrelevant.

And if Walker thinks he's charging a toll for roads that we finance with gasoline taxes, he's wrong.

The money was stolen once. That doesn't justify stealing MORE money, Scott.

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GOR said...

Of course with the choo-choo there will be less wear and tear on the roads, right…? So the money saved on maintenance can then be re-routed to…ah…er…prop up the choo-choo…?

Tolls, Scott? No – unless it is only for Illinois-registered vehicles…...:)