Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Meet the Depressed (And Totally Stupid)"

Took a quick look at "Meet the Press" this AM.

My heavens. Some sleazo-Dem named Ford declared that Christine McConnell "does not know the Constitution" (referring to the debate of last week.)

This sleazo-Dem 'served' in Congress for 12 years--in a seat he inherited from his father. You'd think that he might know the text of the First Amendment.

You'd be wrong.

You'd think that perhaps he'd know what actually was said in the 'debate.'

You'd be wrong again.

Even worse, not one member of the "esteemed panel" of "journalists" (and Santelli, of Tea Party fame) bothered to correct the dummy.

It's no wonder that MSM ratings are in total collapse.

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