Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Walker Agenda, Part 1,958

While Governor Scott Walker may not be able to close up DNR altogether, there's at least one "order" that should simply be rescinded.

New water quality standards imposed by the Department of Natural Resources could cost the city of Brookfield $50 million in coming years - and bring a hefty increase in utility bills.

It's not just Brookfield; this "order" will cost several billion dollars state-wide.

So what's going to be "achieved"?

Not much.

...the new standard could lead to $35 million in capital improvements for the Fox River Pollution Control Center, which already filters about 90 percent of phosphorus from wastewater.

"What they're asking us to do is remove another 90 percent of the remaining 10 percent (of phosphorus)," Grisa said. "We have to filter the water to microscopic levels to remove phosphorus to those levels. It's very energy intensive."

I'll be happy if Governor Walker eliminates 90% of DNR. He can leave the last 10% intact.

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