Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Where's SNAP Now?

Gee. Trial Attorney-financed SNAP is kinda quiet about this one.

A Catholic priest has been acquitted of sexually assaulting a female parishioner in La Crosse County.

A jury found the Rev. Edmund Donkor-Baine not guilty of misdemeanor assault. The 48-year-old visiting priest was accused of touching the woman's breasts after she sought marriage counseling in August 2009.

Not surprising, given this:

Donkor-Baine, visiting the U.S. from Ghana, said the 48-year-old woman made sexual advances to him.

Trial-attorney-financed SNAP (and some local priest) have implied that Bps. Burke and Listecki turned a blind eye to allegations of sexual impropriety in LaCrosse.

Waiting for apology......crickets.......crickets.......

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Badger Catholic said...

Like Rush says, to them it's not the weight of the evidence, it's the severity of the charge that matters.