Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just Who Do These People Think They Are?

For what it's worth, because there's not a lot you can learn here.

...let’s recap: Treadway tried to censor Reynolds from criticizing her, Treadway, a federal prosecutor. She then tried to intimidate patients of the doctor Reynolds was advocating for from defending him. She then retaliated against Reynolds with a criminal investigation. And she has now gagged Reynolds and barred the public from knowing anything about that investigation. And thus far, on the latter two actions, the federal courts have backed her up.

The doctor was a pain practitioner. Grand jury proceedings locked under seal (??). 10th Circuit agrees to the seal. Case going to SCOTUS.

Treadway was a GWB appointee, case being continued 'steady as she goes' by Obama types.

HT: Agitator

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