Friday, October 29, 2010

NFL's PAC Gave $5K to Feingold

It should not be a surprise that the NFL, which depends on various Gummint favors, is trying to re-elect Gummint favor-granters.

The PAC has given $10,000 to Reid—the maximum it can give in a single election cycle—and no money to Angle...

The NFL’s PAC also contributed to other incumbent Democratic senators facing viable challengers this year, giving $5,000 to Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas; $5,000 to Russ Feingold of Wisconsin; $5,000 to Barbara Boxer of California; $5,000 to Michael Bennet of Colorado; and $5,000 to Patty Murray of Washington.

Of course, the NFL is not an eeeeeeeeeevil "business." Right?

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TerryN said...

I'm starting to like soccer. Where's the next World Cup? I think I'll spend some of my leftover income.