Thursday, October 28, 2010

The TEA Party's Mirror-Image: HillBuzz

Rush mentioned this and Ace has a copy. It's the PUMAs letter, and it's hot hot hot. In a way, it's a mirror-image of the TEA Party's 'revolt' against McPain, the (R) Spending Party bunch, and the Bush-ist Big Gummint power-grabbers such as Karl Rove. (But I repeat myself.)

...a Civil War in the Democrat ranks has been raging since May 31st, 2008…a date every Hillary Clinton supporter knows well, because that was the date of the Democrat Rules & Bylaws Committee Meeting where Howard Dean (then-DNC Chair), Donna Brazile, and scores of other Kool-Aid slurping Obama flunkies took off their masks and revealed the full extent of the Leftist coup that had taken over the party. This was the day when the DNC took delegates Hillary Clinton won in Michigan away from her and handed them to Obama (despite the fact he wasn’t even on the primary ballot in that state, because he removed his name when his campaign realized he’d come in third in that race).

They found that the logical end of McGovernism is here.

I was a Democrat for 32 years before the heavy-handed push for Obama alienated me from the party…and I borrow what Hillary Clinton said about Republicans once, back when she was a Goldwater Girl, and will paraphrase by saying that I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left me.

FWIW, the author won't register as a Pubbie b/c the Illinois Pubbie Party is.....ahhh.....just as evil-ridden as the Illinois Democrat Party.

There's the Familiar:

While I was always aware Democrats use unions and other means to cheat in elections, I never knew the Democrat Party was capable of the large-scale, aggressive, unapologetic fraud it committed on Obama’s behalf all through 2008. In Iowa, I watched Obama’s ACORN and SEIU goons push and shove old people, bully them, and intimidate them when they wanted to vote for Hillary Clinton. I saw scores of Illinois license plates fill the parking lots outside caucus locations, with Chicagoland Obama supporters illegally entering the Caucus sites to vote for Obama and game Iowa for him. Having planned ahead, Obama supporters actually RAN those caucus sites, and held the doors open for all these fraudulent voters to walk right in, without being asked for IDs, where they then took control of the caucuses and bullied the Iowa residents into supporting Obama — lest they be called RAAACISTS! out in the open in front of their friends and neighbors in those open-air caucuses.

And then Kevin has the temerity to quote the Obamunists!

During the campaign, Donna Brazile famously said that the Democrat Party no longer needed the people Obama once described as “bitter, religion-and-guns-clinging, Midwesterners”. Brazile took this further and said, outright, that the Democrat party did not need blue-collar white voters, the Jacksonian voters, the Hillary voters, because the party was “Obamafied” and would win elections for generations with the Obama coalition of blacks, Leftist elites, Hispanics, low information gay voters, and self-hating Jews.

This is all the Democrats have left, Rush.

Consequences, again:

Democrats took off the mask. The DNC reveled in being fully Leftist-controlled. Crazy people unapologetic in their Communist admiration took over positions of great influence not just in the DNC, but in our state and federal governments as well.

Now for a most unusual (or, perhaps, counter-espionage-esque?) declaration:

The reason so many of us support Governor Palin is not just because we see the same Alinksy assaults being waged upon her…but the woman is pitch-perfect in outlining exactly why Obama and the Left are wrong, and why Democrats under Obama are dangerous to have in elected office.

A couple of thoughts...

1) The author would have Rush believe that there are big numbers of disaffected (D) folk out there who are utterly revolted by Obamunism. I don't doubt that SOME number of (D) folk are revolted, but how many? Will it make a difference?

This year, it clearly WILL make a difference, as will the TEA Party. The "enthusiasm gap" is obvious--for crying out loud, Barrett is not enthusiastic about running for Governor. But how long will that last?

2) The author doesn't exactly disavow vote-fraud. Too bad.

3) Like the TEA Party, this author (and allies) doesn't seem to have an alternative nominee for '12--nor an agenda (aside from what HRC might have done.) At least the TEA Party has something of an agenda: reduce the Fed and the States' Gummints, reduce the deficits and debts.

Bears watching, I guess.

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