Saturday, October 23, 2010

Walker Pander Creates Lefty Bash-Opportunity

Scott shoulda kept his mouth shut.

We all know that this is really a clever hit-piece, whereby the JS intends to peel support away from Walker. That's a given. (If Walker supported tax-funded abortions, it would get a LOT of play--not because the Left disapproves, but because the Right will.) Same difference here.

By talking about adding pay-only express lanes to highways, Republican candidate for governor Scott Walker has become the highest profile official in the state to support some form of tolling.

Walker, the Milwaukee County executive, stresses that he opposes traditional tolls like those in Illinois. Instead, he says he would consider building new lanes on busy highways that drivers could pay to use to save time.

Of course, Walker cannot possibly "add lanes" to the I-94 Milwaukee metro area without incurring un-repayable bonded debt, not to mention horrific ill-will.

But Scott was talking to the RoadBuilders, who share Tommy Thompson's desire to pave every square inch of the State, and who throw around a lot of money.

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