Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trial Lawyers Prefer Botulism

You take your choice. BPA or botulism. The trial lawyers prefer botulism!

Canada has announced it will ban the chemical bisphenol A -- known as BPA -- which is used to make plastic water and baby bottles.

You remember BPA, don't you? The Milwaukee paper has been yapping about it for a year or so, with information fed to them by the Trial Lawyers.

If you think that bottling-scientists are out to kill you, note the wording of this comment:

Richard Sharpe of the University of Edinburgh explained:

"Some early animal studies produced results suggesting the possibility of adverse effects relevant to human health, but much larger, carefully designed studies in several laboratories have failed to confirm these initial studies."

In other words, studies which did not have a conclusion prior to the science. (Global Warming, anyone??)

Oh, there's more:

"Since BPA became commonplace in the lining of canned goods, food-borne illness from canned foods -- including botulism -- has virtually disappeared," says the American Council of Science and Health.

Trial lawyers prefer botulism. Has to do with family, I suppose.

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