Monday, October 25, 2010

And In 10th Place: National Security

Yah, the economy and "jobs" are Number One to Obama & Co.

Bailing out banks, the automotives, and union pension-plans are also on the short-list, not to mention protecting ObamaCare, a disaster-in-motion which is directly comparable to a tsunami in appearance and effect.

So where's "national security"?

Maybe 10th.

OptiCon has a few observations on current events which are portentous.

In the Far East, for example, China and Russia piled on Japan near-simultaneously this month, in two long-running disputes over local island chains (the Senkaku Islands to Japan’s south and the Kuril Islands to the north).

No, that's not all, but recall that Japan (like Israel) is a very loyal ally of the US.

In our hemisphere, Russia is proclaiming unabashedly her intention to assist Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela in developing a nuclear program. A Chinese company, Huawei, is being allowed to begin supplying smartphones to the fourth-largest US service provider, T-Mobile, although T-Mobile is a government contractor and such agreements have always been prohibited in the past. Huawei also proposes to partner with a US start-up company in performing the 4G upgrade on Sprint Nextel’s 35,000 US transmission towers – a level of infrastructure involvement that has been unthinkable up to now because of obvious IT security concerns. But it may pass the Obama administration’s smell test: it appears that China’s purchase of an interest in shale-oil fields in Texas will do so, and Russia’s tender for a uranium mining operation in Wyoming is receiving serious consideration from the Geithner Treasury Department.

Each of these proposals/initiatives has real, live, serious National Security implications, as does PRChina's rare-earth near-monopoly (90% or so.)

This stuff is "creative destruction" alright. But it's the destruction that Obama & Co. approve.


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