Friday, October 22, 2010

SEIU "Finds" 3K New Voters. 1.8K Are Not Real

Let's get something straight. SEIU and ACORN are sisters. They shared an address in New Orleans; they shared Board members. And they share something else: a burning desire to destroy the voting process.


Seven workers are going door to door in Yuma County to get eligible Latino voters to register for permanent early voting ballots. “They are going by precinct and talking to folks,” said Francisco Heredia, Arizona state director for Mi Familia Vota and spokesman for One Arizona, the organizations behind the effort --Yuma Sun quoted at Gateway

And who is "Mi Familia"?

Mi Familia Vota is a far left group. The group along with the SEIU and America’s Voice launched a Spanish-language radio ad

Surprise, Gomer!!

Yuma County Recorder’s Office has found that 65% of the registrations have been found to be invalid!” Wrong address. Not citizens...

You can bet that it's happening in Racine, Milwaukee, Madistan, and Beloit.

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