Monday, October 04, 2010

The Pietist Analogy

The Warrior finds a gem. It's a reaction to the British GreenWeenie commercial which encourages conformity to GreenWeenie ideals by blowing up a couple of kids who refuse to ride bicycles (!!)

It’s hilarious how you eco-leftists, who think so highly of your own enlightened, humanist, scientific ideals, are actually just the 21st century version of the extreme pietists who not too long ago struggled to stamp out sin by banning tobacco, alcohol and other drugs (compare: carbon, gasoline, etc), preaching that you mustn’t enjoy life (compare: stopping “consumerism”), especially not on Sundays (compare: buy nothing day), otherwise the second coming of Jesus will not arrive (compare: polar bears dying, nature wrecking havoc, taking revenge). And just as pietism is essentially an anti-life ideology, so is yours.

Some good insights there. Although it might be more accurate to describe pietism/Jansenism as 'anti-humanity' rather than strictly 'anti-life', the fine line is easily crossed: witness Bill Gates' desire to eliminate 1 billion humans to "preserve life" on the planet.


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