Friday, October 08, 2010

Did We Mention Regulatory Costs? Part 4


FOUR 'reg-cost' posts in one day. And these were easy.

Stingl covers the $1.4 MILLION cost of Federally mandated street signs very well. He blankets it, actually. Here's my semaphore to you: read his column. It's significant. It's a sign of the times. And it does NOT signify nothing.

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GOR said...

I heard about this before I read Stingl's column - something about the many millions it would cost NYC to change. I still can't believe it. Some federal weenie thinks this is crucial for our traveling welfare?

More evidence that people in government and government agencies have little concept of real life issues.

My solution. Isn't there a national organization of City Mayors? Let them tell the Feds that NO WAY are they going to spend millions of scarce local tax dollars on implementing this idiotic rule.