Friday, October 08, 2010

Did We Mention Regulatory Costs?

Jim Buckley (Bill's brother) gave a talk at the 50th anniversary dinner honoring the Sharon Statement and the founding of YAF.

There are a couple of items of interest in that speech (printed by Human Events.)

"Title 42 of the US Code is particularly revealing. It contains the laws that fall within the category of 'Health and Public Welfare.' [50 years ago], Title 42 consisted of 403 pages. Today, it exceeds 6,300 pages...

..."As of a couple of months ago, the Code of Federal Regulations consisted of 225 volumes containing 35,367 pages of detailed, small-print regulations, and [since the Sharon Statement] the number of federal regulators has risen from 40,000 to over 120,000...

Naturally, the existence of those 120,000 regulators have required business and commerce to hire and utilize specialized lawyers and accountants to plead their cases. Those folks do not practice pro bono, I assure you.

(In fact, THIS is the "Democrat Job Creation" machine. You'd think that Feingold and Barrett would be bragging about it, no? You think it's co-incidence that the Senate has 57 lawyers, none named Heinz, but generating all sorts of new lawyer-jobs? Those Senators have children who need work, you know.)

And when you've finished complying with Federal regulations, you have Wisconsin regulations, bureaucrats, and lawyers to contend with--not to mention those of your municipality. More lawyers retained.

Does off-shoring look better now? Well, does it, punk?

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