Wednesday, October 13, 2010

'Vote MORE Than Once': Michelle Obama

Hey, how else can you interpret this?

"...we need you to tell them that they can't vote just once and then just hope for change to happen."

Now you know what all the fuss was about over the vote-fraud-go-to-jail billboards.


Al said...

Well, she could be aiming it at those who voted in 2008 but are saying they are sitting this one out. But given she is from Chicago the home of "Vote Early - Vote Often" . . . .

jimspice said...

You honestly cannot think of another way? I disagree with almost everything you write, but I have never before considered you downright dense.

Dad29 said...

Chicago + Democrat + Desperate.

Do the math, Jim.

Jim said...

Apparently, Al and JS, our friends do not understand voter suppression, the favorite election activity of the right.

neomom said...

Voter suppression on the right? Seriously.

Name one in Wisconsin in the past 30 years. I dare you.

jimspice said...

Seriously neomom? How about:

Yes, I know, I know. These are all just activities to "ensure the validity" of the vote. If I can be open and say higher turnout benefits the Ds, why cannot you admit lower turnout benefits the Rs? Is it that the means justified to bring about those ends are a little bit more noble for my side?

Dad29 said...

ALLEGATIONS of 'caging' do not constitute 'caging.'

As Esenberg remarked, not only is 'caging' NOT a legal term--meaning that it is not prosecutable--it's also not "caging" when mailings are made and the results are turned over to civil authorities for their examination.

Let's face it: there will be a very low turnout of (D)-inclined voters. No big deal; happens a lot.

Anonymous said...

I did the math, it comes out Chicago + Democrat + Desperate = WINNER!!!

"ALLEGATIONS of 'caging' do not constitute 'caging.'"

For a man who makes a living accusing Democrats/liberals of all sorts of things--some legitimate and some illegitimate--with scant evidence and manachial hyperbole, please, spare us the b.s.