Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tsk, Tsk. (D)'s House Vandalized


Darnell Goldson, a Democrat Alderman representing the West Rock section of New Haven, CT, was letting his daughter out to the school bus stop when he noticed his house had been pelted with eggs and one of his lawn signs had been violently ... left for dead.

See, the campaign sign was for Ms. McMahon, the (R) Senate candidate.

The (D) babykiller bunch brandishes weapons and roughs up (legal-distance) demonstrators.

The (D) thug-bunch trashes (R) offices and slashes tires.

Now they're into vandalism of private residences.

Bitter, violent, and on the way back to their home under various rocks.

They're following their Leader's advice: bringing guns to the knife-fight.


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