Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Speculating on '12

Frankly, I think Vox is onto something here.

Hillary is not going after Biden, she's going after Obama. ...She wants to run in 2012. But she can't do so without pushing Obama aside. And given what a vindictive bitch she is, the thought of humiliating the man who robbed her of what would have been a historic presidency, and more importantly, an easy walk to a historic presidency, has great appeal to her.

The main problem with this scenario is that even if Rodham-Clinton successfully convinces the Democratic superdelegates to dump Obama, she can't seriously hope to win unless the Republican leadership provokes the Tea Party into supporting a third-party candidate by arranging the nomination of another Dole/McCain RINO.

And they would never be dumb enough to do that, would they?

Time to haul out your copy of Macbeth.

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