Tuesday, October 05, 2010

"So Sorry. ObamaCare Forbids That Test."

You think you 'know what's in the bill'? Not even close. The Regime's plan gets worse every day.

...the language concerning cost-sharing, buried in Section 2713 of the Democrats’ 2,400-page monstrosity, indeed goes to great lengths to expand the power of politicians. Among the services citizens are banned from using their money to purchase? Immunizations; necessary preventive care and screenings for infants and children; and certain need screenings and preventive screenings for women. The list in 2713 is exhaustive — and the language is plain: there will be not a single dollar of discretionary, out-of-pocket spending by patients, even if the patient insists on a legal course of treatment.

In other words, if the government does not “approve” of a test or service, Americans will be unable to get access to it.

That's not all.

...The new health care law goes even further in its effort to severely limit the ability of Americans to spend their own money.

As of 2014, no American is allowed to spend more than $10,000.00 of THEIR OWN MONEY for "cost-sharing" (where "cost-sharing" is YOUR money.) That's for a family plan. For individuals? Stop at $5,000.00.

But even if you are willing to spend the money (illegally), good luck finding a doctor who will cooperate:

...Medicare patients may not spend their own money to get care for a treatment covered by Medicare from a doctor who accepts payments from Medicare. If the doctor wants to make a contract with the patient to accept either more OR LESS than the Medicare-allowed amount, the doctor must give the government 90 days notice and drop out of the Medicare program ENTIRELY for 2 years.

That's not a business decision any doc will make.

By the way, pollsters and pundits are becoming aware that Democrats who are in serious electoral trouble have ONE thing in common: voting for The Regime's health plan.



jimspice said...

What do you care? If someone has the money, they can pay for whatever test they can afford! Insurance is sort of a little socialist scheme anyway. Share the risk. What's THAT about.

Dad29 said...

You didn't read the article.

Even if you HAVE the money, beginning 2014 you can NOT pay for the test if it is forbidden by The Regime.

That's the point, Jim.

TerryN said...

Yea share the dividends too. Not socialist to me.

Amy said...

Jim can't read, so cut him a break.

I'm sure glad that "nothing" was going to change with Obamacare.