Friday, October 15, 2010

"Shovel Ready" in Madison? And ChooChoo Competitor?

Well, Our President said that there were no 'shovel-ready' projects.

Maybe there were...

The Waukesha-based Zignego Co. is the general contractor on the $43 million reconstruction of the I-94 Badger Interchange, the single most expensive stimulus project in Dane County and the second-largest in Wisconsin behind the expansion of I-94 from Milwaukee to the Illinois border.

But maybe there were not. As I recall, the Mke I-94 project was up and running before "stimulus" showed up. Before Porkulus, the usual cost-split applied. Simply moving the money around doesn't make it a "stimulus" project.

Anyway, there's more.

...The Department Of Transportation estimates the [Badger Interchange] corridor carries 58,000 vehicles daily, a volume that typically demands three lanes in each direction. Officials are predicting 77,605 daily trips by 2030.

Wait a minute! What about the ChooChoo? Wasn't that supposed to carry all those passengers?

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