Thursday, October 07, 2010

"Right Here in the Constitution It Says SPEND!!"--Reid

Gee. Maybe Harry's version is different.

Reid paraded local elected officials — Republicans and Democrats — before the assembled media to support his argument that essential federal funding for infrastructure and social programs has flowed to their communities because of his position.

In a jab at Angle, who thinks the federal government should be dramatically scaled back and fulfill only those duties expressly enumerated in the Constitution, Reid argued it is his “constitutional duty” to spend federal money.

“Part of my constitutional duty is to do congressionally directed spending,” he said...

Defense, the Post Office, the judiciary......

Studies of fly-mating habits in Patagonia? Billions for child-care/education?

OK, Harry.

HT: Gateway


William said...

Harry and those like him need to be retired. Seriously..

Al said...

“Part of my constitutional duty is to do congressionally directed spending"

What in the theological place of eternal damnation????

Do congressionally directed spending? I thought that was the job of the executive branch.
One more bit of proof the Reid is delusional & needs rto be locked up in a padded cell.