Saturday, October 16, 2010

Realistic? Or Dark?

Tea Party News is written by a guy who started a business--and it's gone to Hell.

He draws an analogy. Is it realistic? Or too dark?

...We all got into this by believing we could "pay it all off when times are good." We can't. The bill is due. The collection agency is on the phone. The tow truck is out front hooking up to our republic with a big red star on the side of it. Looking out the window, transfixed by the ominous sight and cursing each other isn't going to part any seas...

...don't look for this election to solve anything for you. The debt schedule is exactly the same, no matter who is in power. It doesn't matter who the "general partner" is when the wheels come off, they have been loose for a long time.

What you have to do, your obligation as an American, is to stop looking to elections to get payback, or to stop some annoying legislation. We are past that. Don't simply elect people and to go to Washington and do your political bidding. Demand of them to become statesmen and to do something for the republic. They need to solve this crisis.

Along the way he states plainly that it's time to 'reason together'--in the words of LBJ--with the LeftoWackies, something he admits is very difficult to do.

I suspect that Paul Ryan is one of those statesmen to whom he refers. One doesn't have to like every jot and tittle of the Roadmap to understand the overall objective: break the spend/debt monster.

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