Friday, October 01, 2010

"Pro-Lifers Are Violent": Obama Regime

When all else fails, blame the pro-lifers.

Documents obtained today reveal the Obama administration partnered with leading pro-abortion organizations to host an FBI training seminar in August with the main focus of declaring as “violent” the free speech activities of pro-life Americans.

On August 25, 2010, the FBI and the United States Department of Justice co-sponsored a training seminar with Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation and the Feminist Majority Foundation.

When information about the seminar, which took place at FBI headquarters in Portland, Oregon, reached pro-life advocates, they asked officials for permission to attend and were granted access to the seminar and the training materials.

FBI and Obama administration officials provided participants with an 84-page document entitled “Resource Guide: Violence Against Reproductive Health Care Providers” that contained print copies of Power Point presentations prepared by the Justice Department and an analysis of alleged pro-life “violence” prepared by the pro-abortion groups.

Not exactly "hippie-punching," but pro-lifers are, in fact, soft targets.

We note that the ObamaBoyzzzz don't slur NRA that way. Do you wonder why?

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Anonymous said...

FAIL! The FBI is targeting a small group of pro-lifers known for their knack for threats and propensity for violence. REAL, not alleged. In the mid and late 1990's, there were a number of high profile cases involving SOME pro-lifers who took matters into their own hands. There has been a resurgence within the past five years of reproductive health care clinics being targeted by aborto-terrorists.

Are ALL pro-lifers wackos? Of course not!

You make it seem that ALL pro-lifers are being targeted by the government for their protests.
Typical hack-job on your part.

Jim said...

Second that! The study notes specific incidents of violence from arson to murder and does not attempt in any way to paint all anti-choice people with a broad brush.

Al said...

Jim & Anonymous - FAIL!!!!!! to both of you. PP, NARAL & other Pro-abort groups contunually paint all Pro-lifers as violent & dangerous, not just the few groups mentioned in the report.
May I remind you that homeland Security painted Pro-lifers in general as potential terrorists last year. ALL, not any specific groups.
The Obama administration buys into the Abortion industry view of us. & this is a prime example.

Jim said...

Al: Total lie from the first sentence to the last. Thank you.

Dad29 said...

So, Jim, there are what...THREE violent pro-lifers in the USA and there's a national NARAL-led conference?

Be serious.

Jim said...

"Be serious"? Get real. Make sense. Everyone knows there are SOME anti-choice people willing to commit violence against citizens who are performing legal health services. It's happened, obviously. Nobody believes all of you are nutty enough to commit such acts of terror. Everyone of us who are pro-legal services, pro-choice, knows many people who are anti-choice but not of the frame of mind to commit crimes.

Grim said...

I love the idea that pro-lifers are the ones who are really violent, while the pro-choice crowd is totally not violent. Except for cutting children out of the womb and tossing their bodies into the trash; but that's totally legal. Besides, those aren't really people.

So the side that kills 3,700 children every day -- in America alone -- is nonviolent and on the side of law and order. The side that has killed a handful of doctors over the years? Dangerous radicals, that side.

But of course, that's totally unfair of me. After all, again, these aren't really people. Human, yes; they are certainly human. And they're individuals, yes; their genetic code is unique, matching neither of the parents but composed of a fusion of the two. But they're not people. Just... bugs. Like a virus. Ridding the host of the virus is just a legal, legitimate medical procedure.

Al said...

Jim, I stand by what I say. I have read that 84 page document. By the way, have you even read it?
That document includes a list of "Anti-abortion groups" like 40 Days for Life, American Life League, Priests for Life, Life Dynamics & Human Life International among many, many other pro-life groups. & it is not a small group as anonymous claims. Why would it even include that list unless it was trying to paint us as violent?

Anonymous said...

Why would it even include that list unless it was trying to paint us as violent?

Because within those groups are members (only 3??? according to Dad29--get real) who want to implement Dad29's mantra of "Buy More Ammo".

Your moral high ground on protecting ALL life goes out the window if there is not condemnation against those individuals who seek to blow up clinics...all I see is defending those individuals. I suppose since they are "doing God's work" they get a "free pass". Doesn't work that way!

Anonymous said...

Until abortion is declared unconstitutional, it is the law of the land, repugnant as it may be to some individuals.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

"all I see is defending those individuals."

Let's see some evidence of defense. Seriously.


Dave said...

Until abortion is declared unconstitutional, it is the law of the land, repugnant as it may be to some individuals.

Would you have said the same thing about slavery 150 years ago?

Anonymous said...


Nice try, Dave, trying to compare two totally separate issues. In slavery, without a doubt there was a living, breathing person involved. In abortion, there is debate among Catholics as to whether a "person" exists.

Al said...

Dave is right. Martin Luther King Jr's niece, Alveda King, & many other black Pro-life leaders say the same thing.

Also, even science has admitted the unborn is a human being. It is just pro-aborts that try to deny it. & many of them are even admitting that now.

As for the blowing up clinic thing, every true Pro-lifer would condemn that out of hand, 100%.

& again, it is clear that the Pro-aborts include all those groups because they want to paint us all as violent, not the few wackos that are on the extreme edge.

Dad29 said...

There is NO "debate" among Catholics.

There is willful ignorance among some people, even those who claim to be Catholic.

Big difference.

LarryD said...

So when will the Fed have a seminar about violent abortionists?

Abortionist Pulls Gun on Pro-lifers

Anonymous said...

Larry D.--Good question. Ask the FBI.

Dad29--Sorry to inform you, but there is "debate" among Catholics.

Al--& again, it is clear that the Pro-aborts include all those groups because they want to paint us all as violent, not the few wackos that are on the extreme edge.

Insert (Muslims) for (pro-aborts) and we have something here!

Dad29 said...

Oh, I'm well-aware that people who call themselves "Catholic" disagree with the science and common sense on the question of abortion.

But there is an infallible teaching on the matter. Disagreement, from such as Dan Maguire, has consequences.

Dad29 said...

Nothing like peaceable babykillers:

An abortionist at a clinic in Charleston South Carolina allegedly brandished a loaded weapon at a group of pro-life protestors early Saturday morning and was arrested shortly after.

Gary Boyle, 62, of Blountville Tennessee, drove into the driveway behind the Charleston Women’s Medical Center near where three pro-lifers stood and reportedly waved a handgun and pointed it at them.

Well, he didn't FIRE it, right?

Anonymous said...

Hey, you should be proud, he's embracing your mantra...Buy More Ammo!

Of course there are nutjobs who will brandish weapons to protect abortion rights. Completely unacceptable. He should rot in jail. But I still haven't seen you condemn those individuals on your side who firebomb clinics.

Al said...

Anonymous - Pro-lifers (leaders on down) HAVE condemned those who firebomb clinics. You haven't seen it simply because you refuse to see it. Not because we haven't.

As for the SC incident, this isn't the 1st guy in recent weeks to do so either. In AZ some Operation Rescue people were threatened by a guy with a gun a few weeks ago. Pro-lifers in Rockford have been assaulted, a clinic worker hit & ran a homeless person over & over in the past few months. Yet the police do nothing. & none of this or the many other violent assaults etc make the news.

Nor does the media pay attention to all the vandalism done to Pro-lifers property, including mine. Yes, I am speaking from 1sthand experience.

I won't even bother to counter your bait & switch tactic about inserting Muslims other than to say it is again your way of avoiding admitting the truth about how us Pro-lifers are viewed by the Obama administration through misdirection.