Friday, October 15, 2010

Nat'l Security Adviser: Just a Propagandist


Obama's new National Security Adviser is really a propagandameister.

Just what we need in that slot.

Years before Fannie Mae foundered amid a massive accounting scandal, President Obama's choice for national security adviser oversaw an office inside the mortgage giant that orchestrated a negative publicity blitz to fight attempts by Congress to increase government oversight, records show.

Thomas E. Donilon, who won the job as national security adviser this month, worked as a registered lobbyist for Fannie Mae from 1999 to 2005 at a time the company's officials insisted finances were sound.

Ooops! Maybe they weren't so "sound", after all.

...the government took over the troubled company in the wake of an accounting scandal.

Which is to say that the taxpayers are now liable for Fannie's bad judgments.

...Fannie Mae lobbyists - working in an office overseen by Mr. Donilon - parlayed their ties to members of Congress to try to discredit federal regulators looking into the finances of the company.

Nice word: "ties." Is that how one describes .......ahhh.......being friendly....... with Barney Frank?

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