Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Kevin's Complaint About DHS Hero

Kevin, a respectable guy with a LOVELY daughter, doesn't like what he reads here. Short version: guy who is a VERY good Customs agent spots a fellow who is a 9/11 conspirator, grills him, and sends him back to Arabia. The guy was supposed to be on Flight 93 but didn't make it because of the Customs agent's action.

Later, the Customs agent takes a DHS car home in direct violation of DHS policy. Then it gets worse: the car was broken into, and his weapon and a DHS laptop disappeared.

Now he faces discipline: loss of rank and an unpaid suspension.

Kevin, who reads the Smerconish opinion piece, thinks that the agent should catch a break from DHS, and further maligns his listeners as "rules-are-rules" types because they concur with the DHS' disciplinary action (at least in part).

Sorry, Kevin, but you're wrong here (and your combox thingie still doesn't work...)

Clearly, this guy has an "entitlement" mentality which is common to Government employees. He couldn't call a cab? Take a bus? Call his wife or kid for a ride? Huh???!!!

Perhaps loss-of-rank is over the top, but 14 days' unpaid leave is not.

Case closed.


J. Strupp said...

I guess we have different definitions of respectable.

Anonymous said...

More DHS mischief
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