Saturday, October 09, 2010

In Contrast to Bp. Morlino, We Have....

Roma Locuta brings us the savvy of some guy named DeLambo in Cleveland.

“If joy and inspiration are related to instrumentation - and Roozen says they are - what is preventing us from incorporating drums and guitars in our Sunday worship? Catholic leaders often criticize contemporary music. They associate it with non-denominational, mega churches. They say that people attend such churches because they want to be entertained. That is not my experience. People attend these churches because the music is expressive and emotive. The music enables them to participate. They come away feeling like they have truly prayed and worshiped God. ‘Joyful’ and ‘exciting’ are accurate descriptors of this style of music.”

Umnnnhh. This guy's only excuse is that he lives in Cleveland, which is home to the Rock'N'Roll Museum. Obviously, his thought pattern is affected by the invisible waves emitting therefrom.

First off, DeLambo has no idea whatsoever why people are attracted to the 'megachurches,' but "the music" is NOT first on the list. It may not even be fourth. It MAY influence people to remain there, but only a blindered musician could make the mistake that DeLambo does.

And blindered he is.

For the rest of the objections--and there are plenty--see this link.


GOR said...

"They come away feeling..."

And there it is - feelings! It's all about emotion and feelings - the Mass as entertainment. Cater to the crowd. What's in it for me?

When I lived in England many years ago I was always amused by what some Church of England pastors would do to try and get people into church. All kinds of harebrained schemes were employed to put posteriors on pews. And they're still doing it - like the pastor who recently offered free beer to any man who came to church on Sunday!

Unfortunately, many of the 'Spirit of Vat II' types have tried to do the same thing with Liturgy in the Catholic Church. That is not the Faith of our fathers which led people in Penal times to attend Mass in frozen fields and barns with no music and in peril of their lives.

Jake Tawney said...

Thank you for linking to this. If you are interested, I have a similar article from today that responds to yet another horrid installment of this publication.

Badger Catholic said...

We should start a campaign; bring back chant, browns win superbowl. Or how about; if your liturgy is as bad as your NFL team, you are in trouble.