Friday, October 15, 2010

The Curious Case of Erik Scott

Some of you recall the Erik Scott case. He was shot by the police in Las Vegas following a kerfuffle over his carrying a concealed weapon in the Costco store (legally.)

ConfedYankee has kept a running account of the proceedings; the most notable event so far was a coroner's jury conclusion that the police acted legitimately when they killed Scott.

A lawsuit against LVPD has been filed by Scott's parents.

Well, then.

There's more. Apparently there's the matter of an un-authorized break-in to Scott's apartment--executed by the Clark County "Public Administrator."

Curiouser and curiouser, Alice.


Billiam said...

Corrupt Vegas cops sticking together. The Coroner is an ass too. From everything I've read, the witnesses statements are the reverse of the cops. Looks like they might get away with murder.

Dan said...

This case was tough to decide. I don't think the cops criminally killed Scott, but they made some tragic mistakes. But so did Scott. He should never have had a gun in Costco- it's against the store's policy.
The cororner has nothing to do with the Inquest. All they did was provide a cause of death. If you want to bitch, bitch at the DA, who ran the inquest.
The witness statements were about 50-50 in deciding who was wrong- Scott or police.