Friday, October 08, 2010

Biden and Madistan Democrats

There's more to this story than the press report tells you. Biden was at a Barrett fundraiser in Madison and said this:

“We want to reward people who manufacture things in the United States, in Wisconsin, not to take them overseas to China and to other countries!” he said to a silent room at the event for Democratic gubernatorial nominee Tom Barrett, according to a White House pool report.

Biden then called the attendees 'dull', which got a laugh.

The pool reporter got it when he/she included "silent" in the description.

Do you?

OK, here's a hint: "manufacturing". "Madison". "Democrats".

If you don't get it now, you're one of THEM.


Badger Catholic said...


neomom said...

You know, the only thought I had when I read this was of the Obama Import/Export bank denying the business of the Indian coal factory equipment to Bucyrus....

So who is shipping those jobs overseas there again Joe?

Headless Blogger said...

It sounds like Biden thought he was addressing a Walker rally.

More likely, Joe can at least talk the pro-business talk. Our intellectual superiors in Madison don't even bother trying.