Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another Horrendous Mitch Daniels Move

Evidently Mitch Daniels--supposedly a Conservative--opened his yap and inserted his foot.


This time, he mused about a VAT tax.

Whatever its merits, they are outweighed by its key features: the VAT obscures for the taxpayer just how much money is being sucked up by the government; it is prone to Congressional abuse; and it is, in the words of economists, "efficient."

Yes, you can put VAT on each and every sales receipt. But unless the taxpayer keeps and diligently tallies every receipt, he will have no idea what he's ended up handing over to Uncle Sam.

This feature of the VAT is a tax-and-spend liberal's wet dream because it keeps the taxpayer-voter in ignorance of how much of his property the government is appropriating over time. Even under the current complicated income tax scheme, the taxpayer-voter has a pretty good idea of how much of his annual income gets sent off to Washington, D.C.

Thus spake Gabriel at AOSHQ.

Simply replace "liberal's" with "Big Gummint Playah's" and you have the REAL reason that Daniels (and various Lefties) like this.

Remember, Daniels worked for GWBush. They're all the same.

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neomom said...

He lost me with this one.... You get a consumption tax OR an income tax... Not both Mitch.

So now who in the list of RINO wanna-be's or has-been's?