Friday, October 01, 2010

After 11/2, What?

Noonan found Mitch Daniels at a conference.

Good practical advice on all this comes from Indiana's Gov. Mitch Daniels, who met this week in New York with conservative activists, journalists and historians. Our country is in real peril, he said, we have a short time to do big things to get it right. Republicans "need to campaign to govern, not merely to win." If Democrats are "the worst, the most malevolent" in their campaigning, "don't match 'em, let 'em." Be better. Be serious about the issues at a serious time.

It would be a big change for some of these turkeys, but maybe they actually can do it.

By the way, "governance" does NOT mean "spend money on OUR guys." That's the short path to a tar-and-feather party, which is like a blanket party.

Get it?

We'll be watching. I'm not throwing away my Gadsden flag.

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