Monday, April 11, 2011

Yup. Garvey's Very Own Solar System

P-Mac finds that Ed Garvey apparently really, really, likes alternative realities.

...the hot new idea from progressives on comment strings and on blogs -- see loony-left former gubernatorial candidate Ed Garvey, for instance -- is that Nickolaus' math error is so, so very terrible that we just must all . . . no, not count again but vote again.

Next, Ed will suggest that the Brookfield vote simply be excised from the totals altogether. Cheaper way to get what he thinks the public-employee unions deserved in the first damn place.

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RAG said...

At this time there's no evidence that there's anything more than a competence impaired stubborn county clerk. I agree a proper thorough investigation is essential but another election? Nah.