Thursday, April 21, 2011

Your New Charities: T Boone and Ted Turner

You are a charitable sort, making certain that the hungry are fed, the naked are clothed, yadayada.

Good. T Boone Pickens and Ted Turner are desperate.

...when President Obama announced plans to give away billions of dollars to alternative energy companies, the lobbyists came running toward Washington.

Billionaire entrepreneurs T. Boone Pickens and Ted Turner were just the latest to make the trip. The duo delivered a joint talk in the capital city Tuesday about their alternative energy investments, and both made it clear they were there looking for handouts.

These would be handouts from the taxpayer. You.

“This is all the help I want. I want a billion dollars a year for five years and then kill it,” Pickens said, describing the amount of public money he’ll need through tax credits to get his plan off the ground. “Five billion dollars.

Sheee-yit, Boone, that's all?

...Ted Turner, the media mogul and owner of literally more land than anyone in America, was just as blunt about his ambitions. Turner recently invested millions in the solar power business, and wants to see some dough from Uncle Sam too. “There does need to be some subsidies,” Turner said...

Maybe if Pickens forfeits all his "rights" to water under Texas?

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Anonymous said...

And how are these two men any different than Big Oil, Big Pharma, etc. asking for their own government subsidies???

We had an opportunity under Carter for our country to get off foreign oil. Let's not make that same mistake again.