Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The "Mexico Problem" Is NOT Guns

The Government of Mexico is now mumbling about suing US gun manufacturers because, says the Gummint of Mexico, drug-gangs have guns from the US.

Well, that's not the Mexican problem.

Suitcases started piling up, unclaimed, at the depot where buses crossing northern Tamaulipas state ended their route. That should have been an early clue.

Then the bodies started piling up, pulled by forensic workers from two dozen hidden graves in the scruffy brush-covered ravines around the town of San Fernando, 80 miles south of this city that borders Brownsville, Texas.

At least 177 corpses have been recovered in the last few weeks, most of them, officials now say, passengers snatched from interstate buses, tortured and slaughtered. ...

...the killing in Tamaulipas state has been going on for months — including the brutal slayings of bus passengers — and no one, not the bus companies, nor the police, nor the officials in charge, acted to stop it.

Can you spell "corruption"?


Billiam said...

Sounds like the Mexicans are coming down with that leftist/Arab malady that causes them to blame everyone and everything BUT themselves.

John Foust said...

You're amazing, Billiam. Can you connect anything to leftists or the terrrrists?

Billiam said...

No. I didn't compare anyone to terrorists, John. I compared them to Liberals and Arabs. Arabs blame the Jews for all their problems. Lefties blame everyone but themselves. Are you a racist John? You seem to equate terrorists with Arabs. That's very unseemly. For your info, republicans and democrats created the problems we are facing because off greed and lust for power. Now, amaze me with your response.

John Foust said...

Seems like you're engaged in more than enough prejudiced blame for one man.

Billiam said...

John, that's the same lame crap the left always comes up with. The very thing you accuse me of.