Sunday, April 24, 2011

Those Fabulously Wonderful ChooChoo Trains

Just a couple of little problems with those wonderful, fabulous, high-speed Solution to Every Problem Known to Man.

....Today, Liu Zhijun is ruined, and his high-speed rail project is in trouble. On Feb. 25, he was fired for “severe violations of discipline” — code for embezzling tens of millions of dollars. Seems his ministry has run up $271 billion in debt — roughly five times the level that bankrupted General Motors. But ticket sales can’t cover debt service that will total $27.7 billion in 2011 alone.

Oh, there's more:

Safety concerns also are cropping up.

And even more!

On April 13, the government cut bullet-train speeds 30 mph to improve safety, energy efficiency and affordability.

This is the system that Obozo yaps about, continually.

There's some use to be gained from Obama's hectoring. He nagged us about "wind and solar" and Spain's wind/solar industries almost bankrupted Spain. Now he nags and rags about PRChina's choochoos--and the choochoos will almost bankrupt PRChina.

Obama: destroying world economies just by moving his mouth.

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