Wednesday, April 20, 2011

City of Brookfield Would LOVE New Tax Revenues

The headline on the linked story is not quite accurate.

The city of Brookfield is "willing to annex the territory within the towns" of Brookfield and Waukesha that is currently subject to an incorporation effort, according to a resolution the Common Council unanimously approved Tuesday.

"....willing to annex the territory..." actually means "happy to increase our tax revenue-base because Brookfield Square is going all dinosaur and the 94/18 interchange area has lots of development possibilties like VonMaur, and wow, gee, taxrevtaxrevtax....."

Wait. They're not done. They just stopped to wipe the drool from their chins.

"Then we can put in our stupid sidewalks and justify the overstaffing we have in City Hall, just like the City of Milwaukee and the City of Wauwatosa, and tax revenues, wow.....taxrevtaxtaxtaxrevrevtax....oooooooohh"

That's what they really meant.

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