Thursday, April 21, 2011

City of Milwaukee: Spend More Money! That's a Law!!

It's no wonder that businesses are leaving Milwaukee at a rapid clip.

New legislation signed by Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett earlier this week will require convenience stores in the city to have at least two high-definition surveillance cameras. The legislation, passed by the Common Council earlier this month, was requested by the Milwaukee Police Department and was intended to provide more reliable video evidence for criminal prosecutions

After all, it's up to the victims to build a solid case against the criminals, right??

Stores will also be required to store the video on recordable CDs or DVDs, thereby disqualifying the old videotape systems still used by some stores.

None of that old stuff in the City of Milwaukee!! Only the newest, best, and most expensive. And you must have it, too!!

Cheaper and more reliable: a S&W .44 Magnum.

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