Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Did We Mention the Cost of Regulations?

Some concentrate on taxes, as though nothing else matters.

They're wrong, and wrong by hundreds of $Billions.

With 2008 regulatory costs estimated at $1,752 trillion, it should be difficult for anyone to argue that Washington isn't in need of a haircut.

And that's just the Feds. The Feds BEFORE Obozo & Co.

Don't forget State and Local regs--building codes, DNR's 'runoff' codes (those stupid little plastic fences near every construction site), and the various costs imposed on barbers, automobile owners.....you get the idea.

Oh, and those taxes? All that time and effort you spent was a result of....yup....regulatory cost. Sure, it resulted in tax-cost. But filling out all that crap, marshalling all those papers--that's regulatory.

It gets worse. ObamaCare will be almost entirely regulation, not law. That might account for the 16% increase in "proposed" regulations from 2009-2010. Count on another even more massive increase in 2011.

HT: AmSpec

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