Monday, April 11, 2011

The "Cuts": Not So Much

More emerges about Boehner's "cuts."

First off, the Pubbies--once again--used and abused the pro-lifers. Boehner really never intended to cut off Murder, Inc. Planned Parenthood--which is why he lost Bachmann and 27 others on the vote.

Then we have the magical disappearing "38":

...the GOP is getting $38.5 billion in total cuts for the year. Additionally, of the $38.5 billion in cuts, several folks on the Hill tell me that $12 billion is from readjusting baselines in the budget and are mostly smoke. But we’ll take it. Again though, the actual cuts Friday night were around $26.8 billion, with the original CR having $10 billion and the stop gap over this weekend being $2 billion.

Net/net: 4 days of spending were "cut."

HT: RedStates


Billiam said...

Symbolism over substance. Typical.

Anonymous said...

Creative Minority Report has a great take on the whole fiasco......... "Make no mistake, the Republicans lost"

It is worth reading.

Badger Catholic said...

Stanek has a somewhat positive take on it, especially the fact that house and senate will get an up and down vote just on PP defund. It took years for the cancer to spread, it will not be cured overnight. Plus, I think most of these guys are **ssies.