Friday, April 15, 2011

What About That "Population Crisis"??

If the ENTIRE WORLD POPULATION (6.9Bn) were in one city with the population-density of Houston, TX., the above would be the footprint.

Other density/footprint measures are displayed at Grim's place.

The rest of the world? One great big farm-field.


Anonymous said...

Population crisis? Here is one -- Have children or give up your country, such as Mark Steyn's "America Alone".

Adrienne said...

I'm glad they didn't put any of those people in Idaho. ;-)

Terri said...

Other good resources:
the Q and A at
Looks like when the overpopulation myth is realized, abortion will be about as popular as cigarette smoking.

Facelift Abroad said...

I agree with Adrienne

John Foust said...

Such poor logic. It's not risen high enough to be wrong.